Our Story

At Keikeu Cake Boutique, we are passionate about creating uniquely artistic, amazingly delectable, custom-made specialty cakes for any occasion.

Keikeu Cake Boutique takes pleasure in creating aesthetic custom cakes using recipes that have carefully selected to provide the highest quality in taste and appearance. Careful research and special thought has gone into selecting the most premium, organic and fair-trade when possible, non-GMO, ingredients, never including anything artificial. Even the coloring we use in our frostings and swiss meringue buttercream is vegetable based. We strive to work with local and sustainably produced vendors and their amazing products. The time, and meticulous attention in building each cake has led to a devoted following and growing clientele.

Eve Wu, Founder

Keikeu is Korean for "cake”.

Keikeu Cake Boutique started when our esteemed local bakery stopped making cakes. Already having a passion for cooking, and after consuming a considerable amount of disappointing cakes, Eve decided to try baking her own. Promptly family and friends followed and wanted cakes also. Eve entered the 2012 Minnesota State Fair baking competition and scored positive feedback results and made the display case with 4 out of 5 of her cake entires. After hours of researching in books, articles, magazines and refining recipes, she developed her own aesthetic style.

The process of overhauling the diet at home had created an opportunity to think about all ingredients, chemicals, and toxins we put in our bodies. Eve then proceeded to strictly use only the finest and freshest ingredients in the world, striving to work with local, family-owned farms and mills and whenever possible, organic and sustainably produced. Our custom tailored cakes are celebration perfect. The shop located in Saint Paul, Minnesota’s East Side and offers a custom tailored selection of cakes built with each individual in mind.

Eve’s influences range from art, fashion, ceramics, design, paper, travel, food, reading and cake.